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IronOrbit is the only cloud provider to include unlimited processing, memory, upgrades and support in one low, fixed monthly fee.

Our desktops will replace ALL of your onsite desktops and servers with a single cloud solution that's
easy-to-manage and never has to be refreshed or replaced.

Why Choose Us?

Always Be
Ahead of The Curve

IronOrbit continually upgrades and optimizes our infrastructure, so you're always getting the best in performance, security, and reliability, putting you firmly ahead of the competition.

No More Expensive
Hardware Refreshes

With a fully cloud-based IT, you never have to worry about replacing your onsite servers again, much less every 3-5 years. Meanwhile, PCs only have to be replaced every 7-10 years, since they're being used as terminals.

Don't Be Limited By
Per-usage Pricing

Instead of worrying about your CPU and bandwidth usage or user support time limits, you and your users can keep your focus where it belongs - on your business

The Orbital Portal

Maintain Control While Reducing Hassles

Our Orbital Portal lets you stay in control of your IT, while our support services all of your biggest hassles-like user support, downtine, and rudimentary server maintenance

Key Features

  • World's Fastest Windows Desktops

    Fast, personalized Windows desktops, accessible from anywhere with any device.

  • No Onsite Servers Required

    We'll replace and host your email, file, domain, SQL, etc. servers and incorporate them into our solution.

  • Unlimited Resources & Upgrades

    Never get charged on a per-use basis for CPU, RAM, or bandwidth.

  • Full-service Setup & Migration

    We'll set up, migrate, customize, and integrate everything for you.

  • Security, Compliance & Disaster Recovery

    Stay compliant, secure and free of crippling file loss, COMPLETELY.

24x7 OS & Application Support

100% Uptime Guaranteed!

Unlimited Microsoft Upgrades!

Proven Solution

“IronOrbit’s main differentiator for us was their customer service. We have worked with dozens of IT and software providers, and their support is beyond anything we have ever experienced.”

Michelle Guyot, Co-Founder & VP
Innovative Healthcare Delivery

"Our success in the travel industry comes down to our ability to leverage technology and put it to work for our customers. IronOrbit helps us keep that competitive edge”

Chris DeSimone, Director of IT Operations, Direct Travel

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