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About Us

IronOrbit is part of the SACA Technologies group of companies, a family of IT businesses specializing in cloud computing, networking, virtualization and managed IT.

In 2003, SACA’s leadership noticed an increase in demand for cloud-hosted desktops, servers and applications. Recognizing the importance that cloud computing would play in the future, our leadership founded a new enterprise dedicated exclusively to cloud services. That enterprise was IronOrbit, one of the world’s premier suppliers of cloud-hosted IT infrastructure

An Obsessive Focus

While many IT companies offer cloud hosting as one service among dozens, we recognized early on that cloud computing merited a dedicated focus. Cloud hosting is a science unto itself, built on dedicated servers, desktops and applications. Accordingly, we founded Iron Orbit as a stand-alone cloud service provider, with a dedicated team of cloud professionals working exclusively to set up and manage our clients’ systems.

For us, cloud computing isn’t just a service. It is a whole paradigm of computing, one that has the power to totally replace local servers and networks. We approach every project with this philosophy in mind. Equipped to migrate any desktop, server or application to the cloud, our team is committed to delivering ROI-positive results by providing you with faster, more reliable, more secure cloud infrastructure.

Cloudsurance™, Guaranteeing Your Cloud Experience.

Cloudsurance™ is the world’s first cloud insurance service, which will be exclusively offered to SACA™ companies and clients. Cloudsurance™ guarantees the best possible uptime and security in all your cloud systems, with support and compensation in the event of disaster.

The IronOrbit Difference

At IronOrbit, we’re committed to delivering cloud services that go above and beyond. We aim to take your IT beyond the cloud and into orbit, with the most powerful, comprehensive and flexible services in the industry. This ethos is reflected in our business name, which was inspired by our commitment to truly “out of this world” service. From services to support, everything we do revolves around you, the client.

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