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CLOUDSURANCE™: Complete, Iron-Clad Protection For Your Cloud Infrastructure

In the course of helping thousands of businesses migrate to the cloud, we have found that there are several concerns that prevent business owners from fully embracing cloud technologies. While most are aware that the cloud comes with game-changing benefits, some business owners worry about issues like data loss, cyber attacks and downtime.

Although modern cloud servers have been proven secure and reliable, we understand the concerns that business owners face. And as a gesture of support to our valued clients and customers, we have launched Cloudsurance™, the first ever insurance program for cloud users. Cloudsurance™ fully guarantees each and every aspect of your cloud experience, so you know you’re protected in a worst case scenario.

Complete Coverage:

How Cloudsurance™ Protects Your IT Assets

Cloudsurance™ protects your cloud-hosted assets financially, technically and structurally. Every effort is made to ensure that your systems remain safe and secure, with financial compensation provided in the unlikely event of a worst-case scenario. Areas of coverage include:

Data Loss compensation

Data Loss Compensation

Financial compensation in the unlikely event of data loss

Downtime Compensation

DOWNTIME Compensation

Financial compensation and technical support in the event of downtime

Cyber Attack Protection

Cyber Attack Protection

Financial compensation and troubleshooting in the event that your assets are affected by malware or a cyber attack against your provider

Disaster Recovery Support

Disaster Recovery Support

Instant disaster recovery support 24/7/365, to get your business back on its feet in the event of a disaster.

Urgent Migration Support

Urgent Migration Support

In the event that you ever need to change cloud providers, we provide migration support at no extra charge.

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