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Fully Managed Servers With 24/7/365 Support

Your servers are perhaps the most important asset in your entire IT ecosystem. You can have the most advanced desktop, the best applications and the most sophisticated file management in the world, but if your servers aren’t performing up to standard, your performance will suffer.

At IronOrbit, we take your servers seriously. We operate a network of geographically separate data centers across the country, guaranteeing unbeatable uptime and data integrity even in the event of a disaster at one facility. No matter what happens, your servers—and the crucial data you’ve saved on them—are safe with us.

We also provide 24/7/365 server support and maintenance. Our support teams constantly monitor your servers for any issues impacting security, performance or accessibility. In the unlikely event that an issue does occur, you won’t have to wait—our security team will be on it, most likely before you’re aware anything has even happened.

100% Uptime Assurance Backed By Cloudsurance™

From online stores to online gaming, we have the perfect hosting solution to match your mission-critical needs. We build each and every managed server solution to meet your exact requirements and specific use case. Your servers will always be ready and available when you need them with our 100% uptime guarantee, backed by cloud insurance which protects you against downtime and cyber attack.

  • SSD-Based Tiered Storage For Rapid I/O
  • Instant Provisioning & Deployment
  • No Cost Software Upgrades
  • Load Balancing Across Multiple Datacenters
  • DDoS Attack Protection & Spam Filtering
  • Customizable & Scalable On Demand
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring & Support
  • Managed Backup, Failover & Disaster Recovery

The Most Secure, Reliable Hosting Imaginable

Proactive Management

Proactive Management & Monitoring

Delivering 100% uptime and advanced performance requires real-time insight into the inner workings of your servers. Our server management toolsets and monitoring technologies allow us to uncover any problems, potential bottlenecks and security risks, identifying the root cause of any issues before they occur.

Robust Security

Robust Security

Our data centers are protected with environmental, logical and operational security measures, including physical access controls, biometric scanning and around-the-clock surveillance. We comply with national, international and industry security standards, and leverage the latest security technologies to keep you safe.

Plain Language Support

“Plain Language” Support

In addition to hosting and managing your servers, we provide support with a friendly, human touch. Our professionally trained and certified technicians are ready to provide the support you need, in plain-spoken language you can understand.

OS Application support

OS & Application Support

Our technical teams can deploy and manage any server OS or application, including Windows Server, Hyper-V Server, SQL Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Massively Scalable Platform

Massively Scalable Platform

Start off with the number of applications you need, and we can quickly add or subtract applications and users based on your organization’s changing needs.

100% uptime Assurance

100% Uptime Assurance Backed By Cloudsurance™

Cloudsurance protects your applications’ security, data and performance, so you know you are always covered no matter what.