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"With IronOrbit's GPU Cloud desktops, every user now has the power and functionality of a high end CAD station while taking advantage of the latest in Cloud security, accessibility and cost-efficiency. The customizability & scalability of the platform have made it easy for us to add employees & expand as needed."

Carlos Charry, Director of Technology, SMMA

Orbital Atomics: IronOrbit's own stack of protocols and technologies for the fastest desktop experience.

When it comes to technology, speed is everything. Every minute you spend waiting on a file to transfer, a site to load, or an app to start, is a minute you aren’t doing what you want to be. At IronOrbit, we have invested significant resources into ensuring the fastest possible performance in all your cloud-hosted IT assets. The end product of our relentless commitment to speed and performance is Orbital Atomics™

Orbital Atomics™ is a proprietary stack of best practices, protocols and technologies designed to deliver blazingly fast performance across all of our hosted services. Key components of the Orbital Atomics™ stack include intuitive, trend-based disk I/O caching and network optimization algorithms that predictively self-tune to deliver optimal performance under any load or network condition.

Orbital Atomics™ is included with all IronOrbit hosted services, enhancing the performance of your IT infrastructure without compromising on security, uptime or cost effectiveness.

Key Components

Embedded GPU Technology

IronOrbit’s embedded Graphics Processing Units (GPU) are designed to accelerate a seamless experience for high demand workloads such as 3-D modeling, 3-D Renderings and other intensive CAD functionality.

Atomic Stream Networking™

Atomic Stream Networking™ dramatically boosts network performance by choosing the optimal path for all network traffic. Atomic Stream™ leverages real-time performance metrics to determine the fastest route for your traffic, ensuring maximum file transfer speed and lightning-fast load times. The entire process is automated, allowing fast re-routing of traffic around major network outages and 24/7 performance monitoring.

Atomic SureStart™

Atomic SureStart™ is IronOrbit’s proprietary solution for lightning-fast connectivity and “any device” accessibility. With Atomic SureStart™, you can access any desktop or application, from any device, under any network condition. Atomic SureStart™ technology leverages remote display protocols to optimize the reliability and performance of Orbital hosted virtual desktops and applications under any network condition, and delivers them in less than five seconds from login, whether you’re on a computer, smartphone or table

Orbital Atomics

Orbital Atomics™ is a proprietary stack of technologies, protocols
and best practices that we use to deliver blazing fast performance.


  • Blazingly fast & responsive hosted services
  • Seamless audio and video streaming
  • Applications launch almost instantly
  • Enhances both Citrix HDX and Microsoft RemoteFX
  • Same performance and speed from any device
  • Low latency across all network conditions
IronOrbit Hosted Service

Orbital Atomics™ : Included With Any IronOrbit Hosted Service

All of our hosted services are equipped with Orbital Atomics™ to enhance the performance of our hosted platform without compromising benefits such as security, uptime and cost effectiveness.