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The Orbital Portal:

Giving You Complete Control Over Every Aspect Of Your Cloud Infrastructure

It’s one thing to have your IT assets hosted in the cloud. It’s quite another to have complete control over your cloud infrastructure. The orbital portal gives you the “keys to the kingdom,” letting you manage and control everything from user accounts and permissions to mobile devices and desktops. Completely customize your cloud infrastructure from one convenient interface.

User Management

The orbital portal lets you instantly control any user account settings you wish, for any application in your IT ecosystem. Easily create and remove users, issue and reset passwords and manage user security access levels from your control panel.

Remove Users

Remove Users

Manage Passwords


Security Access Management

Security Access

Microsoft Exchange Management

Microsoft Exchange Management gives you Complete control over all the applications in your ecosystem. From the control panel, you can set up forwarding and distribution groups, manage user security, and manage any mobile devices used to access your hosted infrastructure.

Forwarding & Distribution Group Management

Forwarding & Distribution
Group Management

User Security Management

User Security

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device

Desktop Management

The Orbital Portal gives you complete control over your desktops and applications. With the click of a button, you can provision new desktops on demand, restart or shut down users' desktops, and manage any applications are running on your systems. Otherwise known as Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS).

Provision New Desktops

Provision New

Restart a User's Desktops

Restart a User’s

Configure Applications